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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 8, 2018

This week Ken welcomes musician Agnes Obel to the show.

Ken and Agnes discuss the proper pronunciation of "Agnes", Danish, having a satellite dish, the life change that was MTV, being on the cutting edge of technology, Yo! MTV Raps, 120 Minutes, Alternative Nation, Tori Amos, Daniel Johnston, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, YouTube, being exposed to new things, the interaction between sound and vision, national television stations, pop culture, living in Berlin, the strange comforting displacement of Berlin, Copenhagen, punk poets, Scandinavian minimalism, the liberation of failure, Eurovision Song Contest, Twin Peaks, David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Stephen King, New England, experiences America through pop culture, the meaning of art, the evil lurking under the surface, American Suburbia, dubbing, Fraggle Rock, homelessness in America, the double edged sword of the American Dream, the rust belt, a basic living wage, hierarchy of needs, wondering if we need oppression in order to react, the best environment to create art in, constant distraction, and taking the time to actually live life while you're trying to survive.