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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 24, 2018

March 15-21, 1986

Today Ken welcomes writer, comedian, Anna Drezen to the show.

Ken and Anna discuss Anna's dog's a-hole, duvet covers, fires, hand me downs, saucy buns, vomiting bright pink, the cultural bankruptcy of the second Reagan term, Madeline Stowe, If Tomorrow's Comes, having a "wig face", Saturday Night Live, CNN End of the world tape, John Wesley Ship, aerobics, titular lines in Broadway shows, Cats, Angels in America, cat AIDS, Ghosts, blackface on Gimme a Break, orangutans, Any Which Way You Can But Loose, Jeffrey Lewis, thinking God really cares about you, when your family thinks things are jokes that aren't, Mr. Wizard's World, dead Moms, the left hand of the Devil, Amazing Stories, Desatin, Astronaut Ice Cream, wondering if somebody peed in this, the horror of docking dogs tails, amputees, Tarantula Ranches, being bad at maintaining things, not being a finisher, playing horn in a ska band, and having friends who will pretend to be your landlord so you can adopt a dog.