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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 2, 2018

June 1-7, 1991

Today Ken welcomes writer and musician Dessa to the show.

Ken and Dessa discuss Jasmine Guy's seductive nonsense, sexy Ice Tea, people from Boston, not knowing who Molly Ringwald is, living in a pop culture desert, the blur of childhood, Minneapolis Minnesota, Darkwing Duck, Duck, Inspector Gadget, being a latch key kid, The Misfits, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, building your own plane, is Inspector Gadget a zombie?, Jeopardy, Twin Peaks, the ether of our culture, second hand pop culture, The Simpsons, Tracy Chapman, Sade, slam poetry, Def Poetry Jam, Real Genius, the Cosby Show, tarnished art, Northern Exposure, Who's the Boss, Full House, M*A*S*H, Raising Arizona, Oreo hacks, children's home alone food experiments, Virtual Reality, Steel Magnolias, The Princess Bride, Andre The Giant, wasting away your life, being very aware of mortality, stories, synesthesia, the doorways of perception, Wheel of Fortune, blizzards, Hard Copy, news magazines, and America's Most Wanted.