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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 28, 2017

March 7-14, 1998

Today Ken welcomes comedian, writer, musician and all around entertainer Lane Moore to the show.

Ken and Lane discuss being a 90s kid, feeling old, Dawson’s Creek, the shift in morality in a short amount of time, collecting ‘em all, being a sophisticated adult discussing movies, New York City, the shocking nature of MTV’s NEXT, Brittney vs. Christina, loving Buffy, why the TV Guide may be the only normal thing in childhood for many of us, smooth operators from Denver, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, SNICK, All That, being confused by Ren & Stimpy, doing comedy to meet women and vice versa, Amanda Bynes, being part of someone’s childhood, getting recognized in public, Alan Strange, the wonders of Awards shows, writing songs for your cat, Crybaby, being a serious musician but a funny comedian, loving pop culture, MTV, interviewing Ani DiFranco, writing for major magazines as an outsider, Saved by the Bell, writing TV Theme songs, how California Dreams can change your life, Clueless and the childhood depression fueled by there being nothing to watch at 9:30pm.