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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 13, 2017

June 28 - July 4, 1975

Today Ken welcomes actor, comedian, David Higgins to the show.

Ken and Dave discuss mid-western cold, the importance of outside, woods pornography, The Bi-Centennial, the glory days of the middle class, why the 70s were maybe a more enlightened time, Archie Bunker, Sammy and Company, Don Kirsher's Rock Concert, Poor Devil, Wait Til Your Father Gets Home, Bernie, burned off pilots, M*A*S*H, the Casey Kasem tapes, The Red Tapes, The Monkees vs the Goodies, Night After Night with Alan Havey, The Comedy Channel, The Higgins Boys and Gruber, Supercar, Clutch Cargo, Pizza and a movie, the ORIGINAL Leonard Maltin Game, Larry Storch, when IMDB is wrong, Tapeheads, Hell's Highway, barcade, Starcade, SNL, Jan Hooks, The Idiotbox, The Nightstalker, mustache vs. un-mustached Burt Reynolds, Cannon, Barney Miller, The Love God, why Nat Hiken is the greatest, The Rockford Files, Tom Atkins, Fast Times, why MTV changed the world and how the Wrong Guy is a movie everyone needs to see right away.