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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 14, 2017

August 4-10, 1990

Today Ken welcomes comedian Eliza Skinner to the show.

Ken and Eliza discuss sandwiches, the horrors of Miracle Whip, deep fried Danger, LA Air Traffic, PBS's Mystery, Edward Gory, pull-out couch culture, hiding in the clothing racks at department stores, 90s Nails, The Franklin mint, perfecting Beanie Babies, binging on friends' cable, Yo! MTV Raps, Richmond, VA, Anne of Green Gables, comedians in dramatic roles, Jacob's Ladder, Twin Peaks, Growing Pains, Ducktails, Gummy Bears, having a "type", a love of eyebrows, Designing Women, Audrey Horne, being a Jo, but wanting to be a Blair, Murphy Brown, Who's the Boss's Mona, Roseanne, Night Court, Barney Miller, high school shop club pranks, 21 Jump St, pushing Grieco, My Two Dads, wanting to have a stop light in your bedroom, Made for-TV Movie "I'm Dangerous Tonight", Embryo, Cheers, Monty Python, Ripping Yarns, Grand, Quantum Leap, loving Julie Brown, meeting Geena Davis, and avoiding TGIF.