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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Nov 29, 2016

Today Ken welcomes writer, actress Angela Featherstone (Friends, Con Air, Dark Angel the Ascent) to the show.

Ken and Angela discuss Canadian geography,Guy Madden, Roman Polanski, being a teenage model, Paris, video store education, Fearless Vampire Killers, The Italian Beatles, Hermann Hesse, Bertolucci, Opera, German Radio, learning Japanese, John Woo, forbidden television, Dallas, Black Beauty, Cat People, The Wall, The Story of O, Secretary, brutal movies, the feeling vs the detail, Ray Donovan, Dark Angel The Ascent, The Kids in the Hall, The Chicken Lady, Army of Darkness, Romania, Charles Band, feral countries, quiet internal still acting, Milos Forman, Flopping around, being the copy girl on Friends, Seinfeld, watching yourself, The Wedding Singer, sitcoms, Cracker, avoiding dark material, doing what's best for you, understanding White Trash, Girls, House of Cards, allegories, being a social worker at heart, "floundering", suffering from "dehydration", being a foster child, Children's Action Network, The Heart Gallery, PTSD, people seeing more in you than you see, bitches junkies & whores, Lena Dunham, Jenny Konner, and beautifully damaged sweet people.