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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 20, 2016

September 11-17, 1971

Today Ken welcomes actress, writer, musician, artist Ann Magnuson to the show.

Ken and Ann discuss Ann's interesting history with TV Guide, literally keeping up with the Joneses, the importance of The Fall Preview issue, The Psychotronic Video Guide, Club 57, The Cramps, PBS, educational through television, The Space Lady, YouTube holes, anti-Hippie Scare Films, LSD, Dragnet, Diane Linkletter, when Timothy Leary isn't dead but instead at a BBQ with you in Malibu, having no desire to try Ayahuasca, TV forming your view of New York City, Lance Loud, American Family, how Glam Rock Begat Punk Rock, the golden age of talk shows, the High Brow arts and intelligence of New York, Steve Allen, Gore Vidal, The Vietnam War on TV, the nature of Dreams, Carl Jung, Keith Herring, David Bowie, The Hunger, CBGB's, revisiting West Virginia annually, the corrupting influence of Fox News, reality television, the perfection of The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, "sur-rualism", Ann's Made for TV, being at the center of important cultural movements, living in London '76-77, seeing Sid & Nancy in person, The Damned, Nick Kent's Apathy for the Devil, Anything But Love, playing Lillian Munster, variety shows, Bat Masterson : First Crush, The Midnight Special, Carol Burnett, Ed Sullivan, Julie Andrews, being forbidden to watch James Bond, John Ritter, Mark Harmon, respect for Corey Feldman, the celebrity as modern day blood sacrifice, meaning vs. matter, the three forces of live, and the search for meaning in the 21st Century.