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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 12, 2016

Because YOU the listener demanded it, Ken presents a special edition of the show focusing on game shows with his guest, Old School Game Show figurehead Mike D'Angelo.

Ken and Mike discuss the best show in Boston, gameshow tape traders, making your own radio mix tapes, Long Distance Dedications, Sir Italian Newton, TV Broadcast Towers, The Gong Show, the three categories of celebrity game show, Natural Deodorant, The $10,000 Volcano, celebrities on the Dating Game, the infamous "in the butt", Chuck Barris, Buzzr, mesothelioma, "the weird factor", being home sick from school, Summer binges, luck gaves vs. skill games, being in the studio audience of The Price is Right, Press Your Luck, gameshow sounds, Savage Steve Holland, Blind Date's Roger Lodge, Win Lose or Draw, the best game show set, Burt Renyolds, Starting Over, Dolly Parton's sexual chemistry, Burt Convey, Chuck Woolery, Love Connection, being "happy to pay for it", Party Lines, 1-800 tricks, OK Soda, Scrabble, Helen Keller The Gameshow, STUDS, acapella, Plinko, Candlepin vs. Big Ball, renting an entire Roller Rink for RollerReid, the story of Saucy Buns, Saturday Morning Depression, Match Game, Richard Dawson, Child's Play, Charles Nelson Riley, Blankity Blank, home games, JD Roth, Fun House, I'm Telling, Mall based entertainment, Army Navy Clothes, Spenser Gifts, Double Dare, Celebrity Family Double Dare, edible obstacle courses, competitive eating, Space Camp and British Knights, LA Gear, Japanese Gameshows, Family Feud Turkey, Oregon Trail and why MTV's Remote Control may be the greatest game show of all time.