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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 25, 2016

On this very special birthday edition of the show Ken welcomes actor and Boston legend Ted Danson to the show.

Ken and Ted discuss Ted's lack of childhood television access, the mythical TV Guide use at Ted's cousins' house, Creepshow, Basketball, getting into acting for the sake of a date, Cheers, Taxi, Best of the West, getting that Lone Ranger look, being bilked by comic book ads, Dick Van Dyke, Leslie Nielsen, MTM Productions, Your Show of Shows, Carnegie Mellon, Jimmy Burrows, NBC's The Good Place, the practical genius of Brandon Tartifkof, Cheers little watched first season, the train wreck that was The Cheers Live finale post show in Boston, Magnum P.I., acting with The Muppets, being on the cover of TV Guide, why Sam Malone is a perfect character, being a life long basketball fan, Ink, Jonathan Katz, Becker, three camera sitcoms vs. single camera sitcoms, Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm, how hard it is to watch yourself, Becker's 9/11 episode, why the best humor is sad and the best drama is funny, the horrors of watching the US Election, HGTV as calming viewing, The Voice, Game of Thrones, Bloodline, Damages, CSI, Fargo, having Dick Van Dyke play your father, and the difficult problems faced by the blessed in filling their time.