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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 15, 2016

Today Ken welcomes former actor, current lawyer Troy Slaten tothe show.

Ken and Troy discuss Troy's work clothes, legal issues,stenographer tidbits, being a talking head on 24 news channels,Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Melanie Chartoff, Cagney & Lacey, the"lost" Cagney, learning on the set, growing up in Calabasas, Beta,The Revell Funster Funbird, Reese's Pieces, commercials, Grandma'scard came leading to Hollywood success, Diff'rent Strokes, Who'sthe Boss, Greatest American Hero, My Sister Sam, Simon & Simon,Roseanne, The Wonder Years, Step by Step, Superhuman SamuraiCyber-Squad, Saturday Morning TV, Sid & Marty Kroft, ElectraWoman and Dyna-Girl, no Sleestack fear, The A-Team, Netflixnepotism, Billy Jayne/Jacoby, Brian Spicer, Rob Bowman, being thenerd, method acting Swatch Synchronization, Jerry's Jacket, 90210,hearing yourself in German, the Ferris Bueller issue, Three O'ClockHigh, Tim Stack's Night Stand, Harry Anderson, the 90s Talk showboom, the late great John Pinette, on set teachers, The Crucible,connecting to Winona Ryder, L.A. Law, Stacey Keenan, being in lovewith Alissa Milano, Jack The Bear, disastrous dates with ReeseWitherspoon, Troy as alternate Leonardo DiCaprio, date vomit, stuntJerrys, Walking Dead, the comfort of Emergency, being starstruck byAnthony Perkins, Goonies, not wanting to be an entertainmentlawyer, and the magic of criminal defense.