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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 27, 2016

Today Ken welcomes actress Josie Davis (Charles in Charge, Lifetime, Beverly Hills 90210) to the show.

Ken and Josie discuss the wonders of Nespresso, if anyone actually knows who Josie is, Charles in Charge, Out of This World, the hard work that goes into not aging, coming from an acting family, Hollywood cosmetic surgery, how the stoic look best, acting in commercials at 3, being replaced by Sugar Bear, the power of Fruit Roll-Ups, selling Japanese Whiskey in Japan with Ernest Borgnine, imprinting on Scott Baio, Bugsy Malone, mafia aspirations, navigating the politics of the business, the power of extras, being a guest star, why there are no cats in Canada, Lifetime movies, working on a hidden David Fincher project, "First Family" the lost Caveman pilot, Beverly Hills 90210, The Young and the Restless, learning how to stand up for yourself, The Soaps, Titans, Victoria Principal, John Barrowman, Dead at 21, Two and a Half Men, Submissions for Emmys, studying acting, breaking the Sarah Powell reputation, Silk Stalkings, doing your character work, playing psychos, Dirty Teacher, how glamming it up can sometimes work against you, Bones, Burn Notice, not being a business person, needing a mentor, and how it's your duty to help people.