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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 25, 2016

Today Ken welcomes actress Joanna Going (Dark Shadows, House of Cards, Kingdom) to the show.

Ken and Joanna discuss growing up in Newport, RI, moving to New York to act in Soap Operas, Dark Shadows, shooting Outpost in Pinewood Studios in Slough UK, disparaging Jazz, moving toward comedy from heavy drama, growing up in a big family, breaking your life into color and B&W, loving Shirley Temple movies, Little House on the Prairie, books vs. television series, a childhood desire to live in "olden time", Micky Mouse Club, Brady Bunch, playing Partridge Family, Love American Style, Room 222, Julia, Nurse by day Go-Go Dancer by Night, Fat Albert, scary sailor tattoo parlors, Providence, Family Guy, being ahead of the times, The 1991 Dark Shadows, Dan Curtis, The Wizard of Oz, watching movies annually as a ritual, the golden age of the mini-series, Kingdom on Direct TV, trying to get a 12 year old to experience communal TV watching, Disney taking up the three camera sitcom mantle, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Mad Men, House of Cards, auditioning blind, going through the looking glass, the divide of TV Actors and Movie actors, the death of the traditional season, telling your parents your an actor, work ethic, understated New England, your first autograph request, special forces Soap Opera training, Orphan Black, Aziz Ansari, loving television with heart, Twin Peaks, and My So-Called life going on.