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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 16, 2016

Today Ken welcomes actress and international martial arts superstar Cynthia Rothrock to the show.

Ken and Cynthia discuss cartoons, The Wonderful World of Disney, American Bandstand, growing up in Pennsylvania, moving to LA, becoming a Hong Kong movie star, Michelle Yeoh, The West Coast Demonstration Team, Golden Harvest, "finding the next Bruce Lee", Corey Yuen, Enter the Dragon, watching Kung Fu movies in New York's Chinatown, a love of a uniform leading to a lifetime in Martial Arts, how Bruce Lee changed the world, picking up Cantonese, being on the poster, the Eastern difference between acting and voice, Shaw Brothers Theaters, Yuen Biao, Righting Wrongs, Jackie Chan's karaoke, Sammo Hung, real life super heroes, fighting through an injury, not having a stunt double, watching hotel TV in Hong Kong, weird international gameshows, pre-looping yourself, TVB, missing out on Armour of God, China O'Brien, late night TV, Showtime, the golden age of cable, being on the cover on Karate Illustrated, Fast Getaway, being a voice Eek! The Cat, Robot Chicken, when the Matrix changed the world, classic cowboy stuntmen fights, bad fight choreography, The Kingsmen, Ken geeking out on the martial arts styles in The One, Santa's Summer Home, shooting a movie in three days, rarely going on auditions, The Dukes of Hazard Reunion movie, Hercules, being defeated by a too tight wig, working with Stacey Keach in Irresistible Force, re-watching your own work, Hong Kong comedy, why there's no kissing in fighting films, the terror of the Hong Kong Midnight Movie screening, singing happy birthday, fighting your way into pop stardom, comedy, Salem, American Idol, The Bachelor, extreme sports, I Love Lucy, being terrified by the Twilight Zone episode "The Masks", The Wizard of Oz, the horrors of the Lollipop Guild, Charlie Brown Christmas, a love of Christmas TV, the nostalgic warmth of old commercials, being an embarrassing parent no matter how cool you are, Betty Boop, Adventure Time, and a love of dancing skeletons.