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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 11, 2016

Today on the show Ken welcomes actress, writer, and new mom Christine Lakin to the show.

Ken and Christine discuss fine Los Angeles weather, starting your career in Atlanta, Step by Step, childhood tours of the East Coast as a corporate gypsy, being a small kid, Carol Burnett, All In the Family, keeping only children busy, commercials, taking after your grandmother, savvy elderly, TNT Made-For-TV movies, acting opposite Superman, Christopher Reeve's kiss, keeping busy, not taking the normal "kid actor" path, Spring Break Success, Kirk Cameron, making Full House a little more full, John Stamos' creamy Greek skin, eating lunch, pregnant girl meals, the Irreconcilable Difference monologue, canine responsibilities, Miller Boyet, TGIF, Meego, You Wish, crying on cue, Step by Step, Patrick Duffy, She's the Sheriff, Suzanne Summer, Stacey Keenan, leading a double life, Sasha Mitchell, being grounded and down to earth, The Man from Atlantis, Ken's forgetful mistakes, Circus of the Stars, contractual obligations, Lisa, Don Knotts, interacting with television legends, photographic evidence, creepy L.A. Gear commercials, Friends, not finding Step by Step streaming or on DVD, aging well, warm TV families, the Thighmaster years, Dallas, Step by Step reunions, how acting changes, voicing audio books, the social nature of TGIF, Survivor, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, marathoning, My So-Called Life, Homeland, Growing Pains, going to TV Tapings, being shot on film, shooting in HD before HD, TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes, The Muppets and being a "grid gal".