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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 27, 2016

FALL PREVIEW ALERT! September 18-24, 1993

Today Ken welcomes comedian Matt Donaher to the show.

Ken and Matt discuss how long it's been since he moved out of Boston, living in New Hampshire, Fall Previews, "The Blossom Question", George Foreman, The Mommies, Lois and Clark, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Stephanie Beacham, adopting nuns, Living Single, Boku', Juice Boxes, backpack slammin', The Bahama Beach Club, 16 and over dance venues, Nashua, NH, Ken's underage punk rock teenage years, The Palace, Male Encounter, Chippendale's vs. Chip & Dale, finding the male Hooters, strip clubs, bachelor parties, the lies men tell, bikini girls, stealing, Saved by the Bell: The College Years, Who's the Boss, 1993: Year of Transition, The John Larroquette Show, The Trouble with Larry, SNICK, Clarissa Explains It All, working at Walmart as a teenager, Miss America, Many Moore, V, Cops, hateful In Living Color, All That, collecting things, Martin, The Emmys, It Had to Be You, Robert Urich, the depression of Nick News, Sunday night anxiety, RKO Studios vs. WRKO, the horrors of Howie Carr, Married...with Children, military families, German Desserts and the Fresh Prince, alter-egos, from sitcoms to movies, Murphy Brown, Evening Shade, Dave's World, The Chevy Chase Show, MTV, committing mail fraud with Columbia House, blankity blanking, Full House, Mr. Rhodes, documentaries about teachers, Roseanne, Castrati's, Soul Asylum, Unsolved Mysteries, Shame on You!, stealing change at carwashes, Amanda Donohoe as the Substitute, Home Improvement, Grace Under Fire, Mad About You, Sinbad vs. Wings, Seinfeld's Puffy shirt, James Carey as "Snow", Herman's Head, The Single Guy, made-for-TV Blossom movies, Boy Meets World, and why Ken will NEVER be "a Cody".