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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 23, 2016

February 3-9, 1990

Today Ken welcomes old friend, comedian and broadcaster Brian Moote to the show.

Ken and Brian discuss Brian's S-Town confusion, Nancy Kerrigan, Wonky Roundabouts, Seattle, stand up booking you an apartment, TV Guide collages, Whidbey Island, not having cable, "the other side", Grunge, Canadian sports, Seattle Seahawks, The BOZ, The Real World slap heard round the world, living through morning radio, a love of Basketball, being all the way Irish, 227, COPS, Golden Girls, America's Funniest Home Videos, prank shows, prakin' Stevie Wonder, Money from Strangers with Jeff Dye, What Would You Do?, The Simpsons, banning Married...with Children and In Living Color, Friday the 13th The Series, catching chickens, Woods Pornography, buying things meant for 18 year olds, MacGuyver, loggin' lumberjacks, ALF, Valerie, Aliens, The Wonder Years, giving comedians tags, loving Roseanne but hating DJ, Star Trek, Elvis, Ken's unnatural love of Growing Pains, the youngest being conscripted into antenna duty, Unsolved Mysteries, Ogo-Pogo, Drexel's Class, Doogie Howser, being an undiscovered child genius, buying condoms, Spaceballs, sudden loss of power, Cosby Show, Step by Step, TGIF, loving Family Matters, the debut of The Bradys, race-car drivers, Animal House, and Ken's undying love of Just the Ten of Us.