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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 27, 2016

February 2-8, 1991

In this episode Ken welcomes comedian, musician and man of New Hampshire Nick Lavallee to the show.

Ken and Nick discuss cat based allergies, Bob Saget, SNL, MC Hammer's connection to Julia Roberts, Sweeps Week, banning Pumps N a Bump, British Knights, confusing Michael Jackson with Magic Johnson, New Hampshire Ghetto Boys, Howard Stern, Uncle Buck vs. Amen, Chubby Checker's Superbowl Conspiracy, Ken's hatred of Puff the Magic Dragon, Primetime 3.2.1 Contact, being attracted to the deaf girl, Sega Genesis, BJ's Wholesale Club, Nintendo, Patrick Swayze, loving Sally Struthers, Golden Girls lulling you to sleep, Unsolved Mysteries, The wonder of the PXL 2000, In Living Color, Get a Life, AFV vs. In Living Color, Howie Mandell in Good Grief, Fresh Prince, Voices that Care, Make Out Parties, Ireland's pub based tongue games, Co-Ed Pillow Fight Leagues, Baby Jessica, staying up all night because you watched Murphy Brown, falling asleep to Dragnet, "shifting", Rescue 911, Davis Rules, Roseanne, Empty N esters love of Hot Tubs, Beyond Tomorrow, crying during The Wonder Years, Growing Pains, drinking yourself to sleep, family times, Doogie Howser vs. Night Court, Fathers and sons, killing your Sony Watchman, Seinfeld, stealing cable, bootleg Bart Simpson, flea market clothes, The Flash, TGIF, the sad life of Big Earl, and missing it by a pubic hair.