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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 7, 2015

February 2-8, 1985


This week Ken welcomes comedian, writer and improviser Kaitlin Buckley to the show.


Ken and Kaitlin discuss unfilied pieces of the Reid Archives, Cagney and Lacey, Robert Urich's magical musical background, Burn Notice, Tales of the Unexpected, Lloyd Bridges connection to rape and murder, Otherworld, Diff'rent Strokes, co-ed sleepovers, awkward creepy sex, Fashion Design, The Love Boat, watching TV with Mom, Telly Sevalis' science skills, Player's Club, Casinos, Knight Rider, the popularity of Toxic Waste, Rockford Files, Used Cars, Crazy Like a Fox, TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes, TV Horror Hosts, Kate & Allie, Martin Sheen's homosexual history, Badass Abe Vigoda, breaking the toaster oven theory, the art of collages, being a really weird kid, women's backs, sleeping with strangers, dorm room horror stories, The Sad Ballad of "Ham & Cheese", Ken's teenage pie eating habits, "Stabbas", teenage sex,  Nadia Comaneci, SCTV, Magnum PI, facial hair deficiency, nudity on Thundercats, Cheers, mis-reading TV Guide, Mrs. Columbo, sitcom pot, Cambodia, Claudia Wells, DeDee Pfeiffer, the terror of Weekend at Bernie's, Jonathan Silverman Watch, Simon and Simon, being scared of Lou Ferigno, Codename: Foxfire, Streethawk, V: The Series, curable diseases, Sky Cam, the sad end of Jon-Erik Hexum, women on TV, gratuitous bondage in the Glitterdome, Stacey Keech's UK Cocaine rap, Friday Night Videos, Guiding Light, The Mexican Wave and the demise of The American Sportsman .