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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 30, 2015

January 15-21, 1994


This week Ken welcomes comedian Aparna Nancherla to the show. Ken and Aparna discuss the chemical dump that is East Cambridge, sibling discussions, Avery Brooks, Star Trek, DSW Shoes, Jane Seymour, Dr. Quinn Medical Woman, evil circuses, Cops, The Mommies, the original House of Cards, Veep, US remakes of UK shows, the evils of cable, SNICK, being into Paula Abdul, splitting Vanilla Ice with your sister, Ace of Base and their international appeal, Mystery, Poirot, Ren & Stimpy's Rubber nipples, Rocco's Modern Life, Comic Relief 6, Shadoe Stevens, The Wonderful World of Disney, Mom Approved Murder, Bats, Married...with Children, Spanish Sean Connery, Sheena Easton:Terrorist, George Carlin, Black Bears, Washington DC, the location of Ford's Theater, The X-Files, renting movies, The Peanut Butter Solution, Evening Shade, The Marx Brothers, Blossom, 90s Homeless, Rescue 9-1-1, Betrayed by Love, The 1st Rule of the FBI, Peanuts, how the death of Monty made Friends, school condoms, Lily Tomlin as Edith Ann, The John Larroquette Show, starting Stand Up, The Words and Pictures Museum, Beverly Hills 90210, Educational Task Forces, Thea, Hater of Lost Loves, Myq Kaplan's obsession with Melrose Place, Kids in the Hall, Grace Under Fire, Baywatch, nobody being named "Hobie", Mad About You, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Matlock, Rule #2 of the F.B.I.,  Seinfeld, Herman's Head, Wholesome Murders, TFIG, Dick Van Dyke's murder show, never going full Urkel, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, Super Bowl ruination of TV, gender switching murder, Picket Fences, Jeering suck, swearing in public, loving Ann Curry, and the local interest of John Wayne Bobbitt.