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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 25, 2015

In this very special after school special edition of the show Ken welcomes Sean Sullivan back to the show.


Sean and Ken discuss the popularity of Sean as a guest, school with siblings, 1990, Jr High vs. Middle School, the darkest thing Ken has ever said on the show, Sex Ed, the death of After school Specials, the Wave, cartoons, walking to school, horrific childhood games, Hard Copy, Canadian Co-Productions, Don't Just Sit There,  dinner plans, Boy Scouts, Orange Soda, cancer popcorn, 1993, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, secretly enjoying baby shows, 3.2.1 Contact, Beyond 2000, Tailspin, Disney Afternoon, Fifteen, Barney and Friends, Tiny Toon Adventures, Carmen Sandieago, Rockapella into Mmmbop, Dinosaucers, Plucky Duck, Goofy hatred, Shop Til You Drop, Sunday Mornings, Denver the Last Dinosaur, 1995, talk shows, Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters, Ghost Writer, Beetlejuice, Quack Attack, Exosquad, Extreme Toxic Waste, Tazmania, Ricki Lake, I'm Telling, buying your childhood heart's desire game show prizes as an adult, Animaniacs, Billy Nye the Science Guy vs. Beakman's World, 1998, Wishbone, The New Adventures of Batman and Superman, VR Troopers, The Mystics Knights of Trunanog, Big Bad Beetleborgs, and the long strange history of Power Rangers.