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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 23, 2015

In this LIVE! Special edition of the show recorded at NorthEast ComicCon in Wilmington, MA on December 7, 2014  Ken welcomes Willy Wonka's Mike Teevee, Paris Themmen. 


Ken and Paris discuss what the hell a TV Guidance Counselor even is, the weight of secret society chairs, growing up in Manhattan, The Wire and gritty realism, how the golden age of television might bum you out, Deadwood, dissolving the lines between actors on a set, being on Broadway at age 8, being wise beyond your ears, It's a Wonderful Life, TV in 1967, The Monkees, Star Trek, Marine Boy, Jeopardy, having a disdain for canned laughter filled sitcoms, bubblegum pop, being a classicist, traveling to 61 countries, modern TV as karaoke, RiF, Pinocchio coming out of a Whale's Mouth, Will Wonka, the agelessness of being a child actor, kids vs. parental reaction to actors getting older, Francis Ford Coppola's parties, Jack Albertson, dislike of Barney Miller, being in the Rothchilds with Hal Linden, being on the Ed Sullivan show, being picky, judging, being a newlywed, waiting to marathon a show for your significant other, Survivor, Little Britain, living as the locals do, Anthony Bourdain's Travel shows, being a teen idol, the audition process, adapting your communication style, overlapping dialog, being very East Coast, the chameleon, capturing the real New York on film, Seinfeld, the grit of Barney Miller, niche marketing, obvious comedy, "second acting", TV rotting your brain, wanting to know your motivation as an 11 year old, feelin' 1970s, and planning ahead.