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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 26, 2015

In a first for the show, Ken presents you with two "mini-sodes" recorded before the guests' shows in the green room. 


First up Ken welcomes the amazing singer, songwriter, actress, reality TV star, author and voice over artist Lisa Loeb to the show. In this lighting fast pre-show chat Ken and Lisa discuss October 1974, 70s pop hits, the lack of choice, Dallas during "Dallas", false sense of mainstream culture avoidance, the resentment of TV portrayals of professions, The Monkees, Wings, Chico and the Man, Sesame Street, Robert Urich, Serial Killing for Dummies, $25,000 Pyramid, Donnie Osmond, The Newlywed Game, Whoopie, bed time, Variety Shows, Muppet Shows, Fernwood Tonight, Cher, Carol Burnett, all around talent, all singing all dancing all acting celebrities, Florence Henderson: Pretty Lady, humor going over your head, The Love Boat, watching TV when you're sick, sexual bikinis, Adam 12, TV Crushes, why Don Knotts is kind of handsome, the inexplicable popularity of Little House on the Prairie, Fantasy Island, Central Time, The Odd Couple, Welcome Back Kotter, being tempted to have a musical alter ego, the theme to M.A.S.H., One Day at a Time, Schneider, picking up the Bounty torch from Nancy Walker, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Nova, Lisa's impression of Alfred Hitchcock, meeting John Denver, Six Million Dollar Man's sound fx, and loving Paul Lynde.


Ken then welcomes comedian Beth Stelling to the show. Ken and Beth discuss Norse Hall, tween crushes, being the tallest kid in the class, growing pains, TV's Top 10 Stars in 1994, Tim Allen, loving JTT, the mystery of children having money, little girls love of containers, Dr. Fad, Children's inventions, mortifying Home Ec issues, Chicken Yakatory, peeing your pants, cocktail onions as vomit inducer, Caveman survival skills, throwing things at Tim, The Cloak Room, David Hasselhoff, Baywatch, "innies", Jane Seymour, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Touched by an Angel, childhood religion, Sisters, Sela Ward, Picket Fences, the progressive discussions on Beverly Hills 90210, Mark Curry, the "Loveability Index", Patrick Duffy, Boy Band Reunion tours, NKOTB, the number of times New Kids on the Block say "Girl" in "Step by Step", how there's nothing Joey Lawrence's love can't fix for your baby, Billy Zane's look, Kelly Martin, Heather Locklear, Tim Allen, Wilson as artistic muse, why Jay Leno is 98% Loveable, Why Angela Lansbury will always be #1, SNICK, Clarissa Explains it All, Empty Nest, Richard Mulligan's fantastic voice, The Forbidden Fruit of Cops, America's Most Wanted, Problem Child 2, Gladiators, Nitro's book, and the horrors of Japanese Game Shows.