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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 20, 2021

After a one year Apocalypses induced hiatus, TV Guidance Counselor's annual Halloween special is back!

This year we welcome back, because YOU demanded it, TVGC All-Star Lamont Price (of the Lamont Price XPerience) and Walter Sickert (of the daily Bunker Buds streaming show)!

Ken, Lamont and Walter discuss their favorite Halloween episodes and some underseen or under loved specials and viewing choices for Halloween 2021. These include Martin, Father Ted, Starsky and Hutch, Hunter, Clueless, Dawson's Creek, Ewoks & Droids, Benson, Growing Pains, The Simpsons and an over all love of Freddy Krueger.

To hear the conversation continue check out Part 2 on Bunker Buds:

and Part 3 on The Lamont Price Xperience