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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 20, 2015

October 6-12, 1984

The Boston Marathon Marathon concludes!

In this episode Ken welcomes writer, comedian, actor and international man's man Chris Coxen to the show.

Ken and Chris discuss Transformers major appliances, the TV "sweet spot", Morgan Fairchild vs. Lynda Carter, Airwolf, TJ Hooker, Jan Michael Vincent, Evil Twins, Chris' constant name dropping, Big Wednesday, When the Saints Go Marching In, Love Boat, Boxing Dick Butkus, Knight Rider, undercover monk, why Diamond Thieves were huge in the 80s, Pick Up Trucks, The Presidential Debate, Shirley Bassey, Reagan's hair, TNN's You Can Be a Star, Portrait of a Stripper, TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Charlie's Angels, Dirk Benedict, not giving a damn about Kate & Allie, Barry Tattle, singing the Love Boat Theme, Three's a Crowd, Hawaii Five-O, Ken's Hawaiian bathroom,  Paperdolls, Dack Rambo, Freedome 90, Ken's love of models, how Ken and Chris are complete opposites, The Fall Guy, the popularity of stunts, Sybill Danning, Charles in Charge, Moonlighting, John Stamos' Dreams, Pat Bentar, Family Ties, Courtney Cox vs He-Man, crying in animated movies, Video Signals, renting a VCR, the first Movie Ken ever Rented - "Dawn of the Dead", the A-Team, Benson, Hunter, Deedee McCall, boring golf announcers, Jeering Joan Rivers, seeing Magnum PI and his gift giving prowess.