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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 20, 2015

April 11-17, 1992

The Boston Marathon Monday Continues

In this episode Ken welcomes master musician and comedian Kelly Roberge to the show. Ken and Kelly discuss whether or not Jay Leno is up to it, Golden Girls, Kelly's favorite Starship songs, hoping your grandparents are not sexual people, The Pope, Bubba Smith, finding someone who knows less about sports than Ken, Baywatch meeting Gilligan's Island, never once dreaming you were on Gilligan's Island, Dawn Wells' marijuana use, COPS in Boston, watching Cops and Judge Judy with grandma, Ken's meeting with Judge Judy, Perfect Strangers, why happy relationships are boring, Kelly's history with flying airplanes, Albert Brooks Defending Your Life, The Wonderful World of Disney, The Bloom Brothers (Scott and Brian), bikini girl based lies, Zsa Zsa Gabor on The Fresh Prince, Kelly's grandmother's verbal assault on police, warning old men about making mistakes, Ken's mother forcing beach visits, Whale Watch, Killer Whales, Jaws 3-D, Murphy Brown, "Mirror, Mirror", trashy horror, Funny Games, Mickey Rooney in Silent Night Deadly Night Part 5, Christmas in April, Ken's undying love of Bonnie Hunt, Designing Women, Full House, TV Guide puns, head posters, having stars on your ceiling, Rescue 911, Roseanne, Beyond Tomorrow, Japanese toilets, counting to ten in foreign languages, jam rice, The Wonder Years, psychics, Doogie Howser, Summer Stories: The Mall, classic shopping malls of New England, gift coins, working at the Big Y Supermarket, why the Monroe Dunkin' Donuts is the Harvard Square of CT, Bobby McFarren, Top Cops, Drexel's Class, Cheers Halloween, Monster Parties, Wings, Family Matters, Anthony Michael Hall: Action Hero, people breaking into the feed of America's Most Wanted, All Old Timers Must Die, Swamp Thing vs. Totally Hidden Video, re-runs of Letterman and the wonderful world of Eerie Indiana.