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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 29, 2015

November 2-8, 1963

In this episode recorded at Musso & Frank's the legendary Hollywood dining establishment, Ken welcomes former comedian and current author Klph Nesteroff to the show.

Ken and Kliph discuss prime rib, butter levels, direct connections to old Hollywood, classic TV and showbiz knowledge, Kliph's origin story, Hee Haw songs, the backwoods of rural Canada, CTV vs. City Television, Hockey night in Canada, David Letterman, A&E as educational vehicle, Mad Magazine, Cracked overcompensation, Looney Tunes, local TV Guide, early Hollywood films, 70s film books, the early days of modern film critics and historians, My Favorite Martian, Ray Walston fighting Tony Randal, laugh tracks, the "tween-ification" of television, Punky Brewster, cartoons based on live action shows, Little Clowns of Happytown, the educational and protective power of basements, the best time for afros, "Spinner" Spencer's father's gun totin' channel changer, not staying out of trouble, Degrassi, Nickelodeon, You Can't Do That On Television, Les Lye and Rich Little's magic, impressionists, John Voight's right wing politics, WFMU, press pass as passport to the US, Bullwinkle's bikini, Jay Ward, Youth Television (YTV), classic voice actors, King of Kensington, Corner Gas, Al Waxman, Twitch City, The Kids in the Hall, Smith & Smith Comedy Mill, Red Green Show, Lord Love a Duck, Check It Out, musical variety shows, Red Dwarf, the novels written by UK Comics, being a YouTube Baby, doing research without the internet, thrift store comedy records, getting a phone call from Steve Martin, the lost age of 40s-50s mafia controlled comedy, Hellzapoppin', 40s sketch comedy revues, The Steve Allen Show(s), TV Guide going off script, The Tonight Show, Seahunt, To Tell the Truth, Mr. Ed, laugh tracks of the dead, the "uh-oh" woman, Alan Young, the origins of Gilligan's Island, the internet showing the truth about old TV Legends, Game Show depravity, What's My Line, Henry Morgan vs. Harry Morgan, the innovations of the Superman Radio show, Kitty Carlisle, Art Clokey, Christian Jot, Talk About Typing, My Three Sons, Camera Goes to College, beatniks, Adam 12, The Jerry Lewis Theater, The Hollywood Palace, Red Skelton, how not being that great leads to success, marketing sleaze to teenagers, AIP, Bruce Derm's Lost Drive-In, Ernest Borgnine in McHale's Navy, Kurt Russel's Disney Mystery, Carl Ballantine, Hypnotist Records, Doug Henning, Ed McMahon, Philadelphia Regional Shows, Midget Wrestling, the World's Girls, Harlan Ellison's Glass Teat, regional TV Children's Shows multi tasking, Motown by way of Canada, Bert I. Gordon, B-Movie directors making great TV directors, the sliding start times of the Tonight Show, the 90s minute format, Jack Parr, and TV Bowling.