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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 22, 2015

This week Ken welcomes actress Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst.

Ken and Elizabeth discuss Sherman Oaks, the unavailability of your favorite shows, the precursor of Arrested Development, Showtime, networks vs. cable, The Fox network, classic Hollywood discovery stories, Married...with Children, the terror of performing in front of a live audience, holding for the laughs, ABC's Gary Marshall Tuesday Night Line up, Charlie's Angels, Fantasy Island, Love Boat, Happy Days, when less commercials meant better TV,  being hell bent on acting, Ginger on Gilligan's Island, the niceness of people in LA, the flashy 90s, Dr. Pepper, political cancellations, Cult Hits, Reality Shows vs. Sitcoms, Modern Family, being star struck by William Shatner, Perversions of Science, Kevin Pollak, sex androids, being the object Pauly Shore's Video adoration, being naturally funny without your awareness, Get a Life, having a cousin writing for Letterman, Teri Garr, Judd Nelson's terrifying humor, "Conflict of Interest", The George Carlin Show, meeting Rodney Dangerfield, Gallagher, watching Stand Up comedy, feeling alienated on Dear John, courtship by Tony Dana, the amazing humanity of George Carlin, The Swedish Bikini team, pretending to ice skate, Michael Bay, being recognized in public, having Mick Jagger as a fan, being too extreme for the NBC censors on Wings, The Brady Bunch, meeting Chris Knight, going to the Brady house, teaching your children the classics, Brady Bloopers, the special time and place of Christmas specials, stumbling on things, Peter Billingsley, loving "Elf", never seeing "A Christmas Story", Will Ferrell, Breaking Bad, inappropriate daytime ads, sexualized billboards, being shocked that you can be shocked, children being un-phased by celebrity, Star Trek, seeing Star Wars 27 times in theaters, Jaws, and Fonzie Socks.