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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 24, 2024

This week Ken welcomes former actor (Harry and the Hendersons, 21 Jump St) and current speaker, writer and publisher of Wonderwall Press, Maggie Langrick.

Ken and Maggie discuss moving to LA when you're 19, and moving back recently, growing up in Vancouver, London, living in all of the world's most expensive cities, 21 Jump St, being in the pilot, seeing Johnny Depp replace the original actor, Jared Leto, Camp Wilder, Danger Bay, work ethic, playing the lead in My American Cousin, winning Genie awards, the TV series of Harry and the Hendersons, not meeting expectations, moving to London, the Vancouver to LA railroad, living in "LA Poor" conditions, being a thoughtful kid who reads a lot, the 90s in the Pacific Northwest, feminism, being disheartened with the misogyny of Hollywood, going in more of a "model direction", self esteem, the corrosive danger of acting for young people, the danger of a big pay check, high profile blue collar work, hanging out in the bad part of town, South London, how much of life is BS, faking it til you making it, having to go to work after only ever having been an actor, working as a magazine editor, being fascinated by words, the human condition, what makes an individual tick, self deprecation, reverse engineering humanity, displaying friendship, the human animal, being "outed" as a child actor in your non acting adult life, coming up with clever headlines, being able to hide behind your married name, imposter syndrome, how you stand out today, the glut of content, having no gatekeepers, bringing something unique and of value, being able to chose yourself, giving things it's best chance, quality, substack, working for your art, not being able to stream your work, being embarrassed by your past, identity shame, when timing is right, being mature enough to use your experiences, reading for utility, cult leaders, evil parents, Smothered, mother and daughter relationships, absorbing bad vibes, being the age when everything seems poignant, how difficult it is to do your best work and have it be successful, and the importance of having fun.