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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 19, 2024

October 26-November 1, 1996

It's Ken's birthday month, so this week you get ANOTHER BONUS episode. This time in celebration of THEIR 200th episode Ken welcomes Abby and Ryan from the fantastic Bothering the Band podcast.

Ken, Abby and Ryan discuss when the interviewer becomes the interviewee, the origins of the Bothering the Band podcast, booking big guests, getting rejected, Frank Turner, Counting Crows, when Ryan met Abby, cool schools, almost booking Keanu Reeves, Gavin Rosdale, Puka Shells, growing up in Orlando, The Party, boy bands, Disney, Nickelodeon Studios, dudes who look like Isaac Mizrahi, Bob Goen, never coming gymnastics, sprots to non sports, congregating a career, MST3K's switch from Comedy Central to Sci-Fi, winning a trip to England by knowing the Tetley Tea jingle, diaper ads, the Nirvana baby, hi waisted hips, no dick jokes, RL Stine, Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Series, helping the Dragon Ball Z community, strange emails, Cartoon Express, a woman giving birth to a doll, the band Live, Columbia House, nerds, making your own video store, Bailey Kipper's POV, Hey Arnold, Lunchables, cooking pizza rolls in a VCR, vending machine lunches, The Young Comedians All Star Reunion, 80s nostalgia in the 90s, SNL, collector's plates, beautiful unicorns, Jacksonville FL, porcelain crap, The Shadowzone, Ron Silver, diecast, beer and tiny cars, Hess, Seventh Heaven, Jennifer Love Hewitt, when old TV is problematic, joining a gang, Her Costly Affair, Savannah, the Waynes Brothers, Roast Beef Tissues, wanting things to be good, the high school right outside Universal Studios, trick or treating, Burning Zone, national television debut of The Cramps, 90210, Peach Pit After Dark, Donal Logue, Stephen Bochco's comedy series, Jimmy the Cab Driver, Seinfeld, avoiding Halloween, Living Single, loving Ghostbusters, Ben Cooper costumes, Unsolved Mysteries, PCU, deceptive car ads, dolls, Johnny Carson's charity, hating 311, Ken's Third Wave Ska trauma, melting pennies, befriending your heroes, and facial injuries from laughing.