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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 3, 2024

September 17-23, 1994 FALL PREVIEW

This week, kicking off Ken's Birthday month with an EXTRA special episode, Ken welcomes writer, actor and Whitest Kid U Know Sam Brown to the show.

Ken and Sam discuss West Coast East Coast confusion, growing up in Sandwich, the cops, being an hour from everything, going to school in NYC, meeting Trevor Moore, UCB, improv, the origin of MUNG, lingo, avoiding new people on the train, leaving home, Something Wilder, ER, Chicago Hope, Fall Preview roads not traveled, the other Anthony Edwards, basketball, Dudley Moore, Cosby Mysteries, Clariton, Capri cigarettes, My So-Called Life, MTV, how much of a failure Friends will be, Let's Go Bang, JLH, Nate Blackist on Twitch, Mid-Hunting, Dabney Coleman, things that look good on paper, working with Ivan Reitman, rebooting Stripes, John Candy's German insistence, taking studio notes, rewrites, refusing to play ball, Exit 57, Summer Series with Nepo Babies, E! doing original programming, Q&E, Walter Mondale's daughter, Trailer Boys, Jones Computer Network, Sega Channel, not knowing what Hackers are, Andrew Dice Clay's sitcom experience, boy bands, the Roseanne and Tom made for TV movies, Stephen King throwaways, Citizen X, Cast a Deadly Spell, Marlon Waynes as Robin, Ken's audition for The Good Son, Christian Slater hosting sex special on MTV, Late Nite with Elmo, John Stewart Show, when the Bermuda Triangle disappeared, when society wasn't nice to women, daytime TV, The Tick, Sweet Valley High, discovering your manhood, Schunckums and Meat,, Sam's Sketch Comedy Classes, streaming on Shout Factory and self editing. 

June 5th at Piano's in NYC see Sam do stand up and June 6th at the Tribeca Film Festival it's the premier of the Whitest Kids U Know animated film "Mars".