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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 3, 2024

Feb 19, 2007


This week Ken welcomes comedian Ahmed Al-Kadri to the show.


Ken and Ahmed discuss TV viewing habits and the TV Guide from February 19th to 25th, 2007, favorite TV shows, watching TV as a family, and the impact of superhero TV shows, the post-9/11 TV landscape and the rise of ethnic diversity in stand-up comedy,shifting trends and cultural influences on television during this time, the structure of comedy, Tom Arnold and Orny Adams, the post-apocalyptic TV show Jericho, the fragility of technology, the impact of nuclear bombs, canceled and revived TV shows like Arrested Development and Futurama, as well as the success of Two and a Half Men, fame and infamy of stand-up comedians, the influence of political correctness on comedy, and the similarities between horror and comedy in terms of structure, fear and context in horror, the birth of stand-up in America, the longevity of Grey's Anatomy, the decline of sitcoms on Thursday nights, the rise of drama shows, the appeal of Los Angeles over New York, and the impact of reality TV shows on society.