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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 20, 2024

Feb 15-21, 1997

This week Ken welcomes writer, comedian and man behind the new YouTube Comedy Special "Wallpaper", Adam Cayton-Holland.

Ken and Adam discuss climate change, Colorado, David Letterman, Letterman's "I'm David F*&king Letterman" phase, serialized comedy, how Letterman invented Impractical Jokers, having nostalgia for 1997, the FINAL episode of The Monkees that was made in 1997, Tanya Harding, celebrity boxing, ice skating, Nancy Kerrigan, Hepcat, Sabado Gigante, Columbia House, buying things off TV, mail order, Those Who Can't, being replaced with Young Sheldon, Fast Times, the misnomer that is The Mandela Effect, Murphy Brown, Chicago Hope, how sometimes something isn't an "effect" you're just stupid, Singled Out, Tom Rhodes, Ren & Stimpy, Roseanne, Mad About You, Fraiser, Beverly Hills 90210, Party of Five, Friends, Martin Seinfeld, Living Single, A Different World, Comic Justice, Stormy Justice, Cheers, Ellen, too many hostage episodes, offending Roseanne, not understanding what "normal" means, and HBO's Monkey Business.