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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 13, 2024

September 19-26, 1998

This week Ken welcomes BACK to the show author of the new book "99 Episodes That Defined the '90s: Television Milestones from Arsenio to Homer to Yada Yada Yada, Chris Morgan"

Ken and Chris discuss his book, Detroit, Tim Allen, Jack Kavorkian's lawyer, Cigarette ads, Heidi Klum, Spin City, French Stewart, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Sex with Cindy Crawford, reality TV, the classic SNICK line up, Celebrity Death Match, Mad TV, Baywatch, Night Man, the frequency of Evil, Rising Star Barbie Alan Jackson, commemorative plates, Will & Grace, That 70s Show, Monday Night Football, Holding the Baby, The Marriage Fool, King of Queens, Brian Benben Show, Say What MTV, Superman II, King of the Hill, the greatness of Clueless: The Series, Newhart, Working, Hyperion Bay, Hey Arnold!, The Drew Carey Show, the impact of Phil Hartman's Death, comedy  vs drama, Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, Ryan Reynolds, the decline of Must-See TV, Newsradio, the odd pairing of crystal meth and Seinfeld, ER, the hammock spot, the rise of Keith Oberman, Beetlejuice, the underappreciated gem that is Buddy Faro, the decline of CBS, Nash Bridges, and Chris' future book topics.