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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 29, 2024

This week Ken welcomes actor (Alias), writer, producer, and co-host of the "Did You Do It?" podcast, Kevin Weisman.

Ken and Kevin discuss L.A. weather, growing up in the Valley, how filthy with Boston people old L.A. was, the insanity of the man named Griffith, shooting apples off of heads and why it is never a good idea, Equity Waiver plays, the "no more on stage than in the audience" rule, stand up, performing for people who don't want to see a performance, Edinburgh Festival, Kyle Gass, The New Beverly Theater, Jacob's Ladder, comedians in serious roles, Tim Robbins, The Actors Gang, Buffalo Knights, Dead Man Walking, Mr. Madonna, the wonders of High Hair, rarely going into L.A. proper, Zuma Beach, Valley Girl, playing drums, John Candy, the wonder of John Ritter, meeting your heroes, being surprised by people's process, how when you're good at something it looks easy, how acting is hard, doing tech rehearsals on LSD, The Dead, We Are the World, loving music documentaries, variations on a theme, being in a touring band, Hello Ladies, working with Paulie Shore, playing a wheelchair user, giving people opportunities, Woody, TV stars becoming movie stars, Die Hard, King's Dance Macabre, how to play a bad person, how to deal with bombing, committing to storytelling, working consistently, Goliath, Billy Bob Thornton, multi-cam sitcoms, getting cut out of Gone in 60 Seconds, winning over J.J. Abrams, Felicity, playing against type, the time Jennifer Garner came to see Ken do stand up, Better Call Saul, Fringe, being promised your character will be brought back, Scorpion, being nice to everyone on set, all the acting Quinten Tarantino does, David Cronenberg on Alias, being hired by Spielberg for The Terminal, Christian Slater, The Forgotten, the loveliness of Victor Garber, when Ricky Gervais cannot keep it together, Clerks II, being spotted by Kevin Smith fans, Awake, Runaways, Weisman deep cuts, relying on fan sites for your own knowledge of your own work, being IN TV Guide and dealing with your mom's tech issues.