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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 25, 2024

This week Ken welcomes director Michael Pressman (The Great Texas Dynamite Chase, Some Kind of Hero, Doctor Detroit, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Secret of the Ooze) to the show. 

Ken and Michael discus COVID binging, The Bear, Slow Horses, The Crown, Call My Agent, having a comedy background but gravitating towards drama, having difficulty knowing when TV Comedy is working, Bad News Bears, working for Roger Corman, Picket Fences, how executives don't understand funny, indie cinema, directing Vanilla Ice, special FX, non-Union shoots, Golden Harvest, Michael's father being blacklisted, David Pressman's directing career, The Actor's Studio, visiting Hollywood sets after the blacklist was lifted in the 60s, the early days of live TV, Cosmopolitan Theater, New York vs L.A., westerns, Car 54, Where Are You?, Phil Silvers, Bonanza, directing theater, how much ratings have changed, the strange nature of streaming, soap operas, Law and Order SVU, Grey's Anatomy, Chicago Hope, Dick Wolf, Richard Boone, loving Hitchcock, being a 70s film snob, art house cinema, French New Wave, cults to flops, studio interference, made for TV movies, Ingmar Berman, the studio system, how in person viewing returns, when tech companies want to be the movie business, shared experiences, midnight movies, Netflix, the gimmick of going live, the origins of TV Guide, Ken's collection, ten years of the podcast, the lost age of shows and hunting down Michael's father's work.