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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 11, 2024

February 1-7, 1997

This week Ken welcomes author of the excellent new novel Mother Doll (signed copies can be purchased here:, Katya Apekina.

Ken and Katya discuss living in LA, raining in LA, snow in New England, the nature of our stories, how technology can make us more isolated, displacement, Russia, speaking your native tongue, raising your kids bi-lingual, translating literature, having a strong Moscow accent, only knowing 70s slang,  Cheburashka, accordion playing crocodiles, not being allowed to watch TV, Party of Five, reading War and Peace as a kid, WBCN, cool music, being cool by middle school, only watching one show a week, dating shows, Elimidate, Viy, going to Russian video stores in Allston, not wanting things up your nose, Singled Out, Jenny McCarthy, the death of the Maytag Repairman, Star Trek Voyager, Basketball Wizard Dennis Rodman, The Magic Castle, The Amazing Randi, Groundhog Day, North by Northwest, photography, making your own 8mm films, The Coolidge Corner Cinema, Early Edition, 3rd Rock from the Sun, being a comedy snob, The Simpsons, Mad About You, reboots, hate watching Melrose Place and 7th Heaven, Mystery, Into the Arms of Danger, Roseanne, watching the Presidential Debates for School, Burning Zone, burying your wife alive, the greatness of Ally Sheedy, The Nanny, Covid driven Nanny, office work, Drew Carrey, comforting murder, Murder She Wrote, Sister Sister, always wanting to be a twin, fooling people, TGIF, magical shows, psychics, Unsolved Mysteries, the death of Kurt Cobain, how strange it is to the young that over the air TV exists, the horrors of Disney kids sitcoms, offending religions to sell Snickers, cleavage cams, risqué tones, and learning the truth about Santa Claus from Jamie Lee Curtis.