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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 18, 2024

July 16-22, 1994

He was one of the very last in person guests pre-COVID, and this time he's back via satellite, please welcome writer of his second graphic novel, Youth Group (out 7/16/24 from First Second Books! Available for pre-order NOW!) , comic, and podcaster Jordan Morris back to the show.

Ken and Jordan discuss NASA, Dave Thomas (Wendy's), Popeyes, KFC, In and Out Burger, when all cartoons became babies, Yo Yogi!, Jellystone, the most obscure Hanna Barbara characters, Ken's love of Frankenstein Jr., the impossible Impossibles, Sex with Cindy Crawford, the moon landing, Summer Shows, Sex in the 90s, House of Style, Steven Banks Show, paddy whacks, what Alec Baldwin watches, PBS Sitcoms, Yank Yucks, the "YouTube Thumbnail face", Pat Riley, TV Nation, the glory of the early teen years Summers, learning pop culture references, Hot Shots, The Mad Magazine phenom, Ren & Stimpy, the sweet Nicktoons, Rocko's Modern Life, Dream On, boobs on cable, Weekend at Bernie's II, MTV, Dead at 21, Good Morning Mr. Hitler, Vanessa Angel on Time Trax, unethical Anti-Gravity Belts, Chained Heat II, erotic Thrillers, Pam Anderson in Snapdragon, massive Tom Beringer fans, Blossom, Joey Lawrence's music career, music video drops, Michael Jackson Black or White, Ashton Drake's weird dolls, mold breaking, heist movies, Game Gear, Three Ninjas, Running Man, Tales from the Crypt, Arnold Schwarzenegger's directorial debut, William Hickey, Body Double, The Critic, Grace Under Fire, Seinfeld, In Living Color, Fraiser, Christmas in July, Pieces : It's Exactly What You Think It Is, AIDS calendars, Flashdance, Boogaloo Shrimp on Family Matters, Cliff Hanger, Terry O'Quinn, Samurais, and loving Hangin' with Mr. Cooper.