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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 29, 2024

All the way from the UK, this week Ken welcomes writer, poet, and television producer Henry Normal to the show.

Ken and Henry discuss his tea just arriving, what builders drink, Baby Cow, how being a poet was essentially the same as being a stand up in the UK, The UK's alt comedy revolution, Craig Charles, selling merch, punk rock, American stand up comedy, class based society, character comedy, Jack Benny, vaudeville, The Max Brothers, Mort Saul, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Working Men's Clubs, bad blue collar, racism, Dave Allen, Monty Python, Spike Milligan, not punching down, The Comedy Store, Manchester, nightmare gigs, The Black and White Minstrel Show, competing with slot machines, touring with Pulp, The Mock Turtles, Steve Coogan, The Young Ones, Nigel Planer, The Comic Strip, putting all your friends on TV, The North South Divide, being the reigning Daily Mail Young Comic of the Year, Packet of Three, Bamboozled, US v. UK TV, The Royle Family, US Remake of UK shows, Red Dwarf, working class people, The Rockford Files, Sgt. Bilko, Frank Skinner, the trauma that leads to comedy, deaths in the family, Caroline Ahern, Graham Duff, Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible, Marion and Geoff, Human Remains, Ideal, Julia Davis, Rob Brydon, Jonathan Ross, Alan Partridge, why you should always wear a suit, BBC3, Fat Boy Slim, Brain Candy, Alan Car, Robin Ince, Nighty Night, unlikable main characters, The Might Boosh, The Banana Splits, I Am Not An Animal, Peter Baynham, Canadian football fans, making ugly television, making good stuff, things that nobody will ever seen on television, Jessica Hynes, Lizzie and Sarah, Mr. Inbetween, hired killers, and how weird stand up comics are.