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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 22, 2024

May 16-22, 1987

This week Ken welcomes actor, magician, host of the new show "Head of the Senior Class" and all around solid dude Dan Frischman to the show.

Ken and Dan discuss growing up as magic nerds, Fred Kolb, being a magician at an early age, asking how the tricks are done, Ken's mastering of mediocrity, buying magic at Macy's in New York, magic on TV, Doug Henning, Mark Wilson, Harry Blackstone Jr., Ricky Jay, TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Head of the Class, pitching to Henry Winkler, fake biohazards, doing stand up in NYC, growing up in New Jersey, Sea Monkeys in the tub, Dennis Miller's prop comedy days, driving out to LA, living on Sunset Blvd, Jimmy Brogan, guest spots on Facts of Life, being a returning character on Its a Living, living with seven other comedians in the Crest Hill House behind the Comedy Store, Andrew "Dice" Clay, Wacko, being Carl "Pizzaface" Price, George Kennedy as a Chocolatier, Howard Hesseman's displeasure, Sledge Hammer, not wanting to play a nerd, when Head of the Class shifted from Mr. Moore to the kids, filming in Soviet Russia, Head of the Class's musicals, Little Shop of Horrors, getting the seal of approval from Rick Moranis, watching your own shows, being confused for the OTHER Dan Frischman who is a little person, getting beaten in tennis by Billy Jean King, Harry Anderson, Circus of the Stars, Warm Up Comics, Billy Connolly, performing as Steve Martin, performing FOR Steve Martin, reusing the hallway set from Head of the Class, the time Ken had to wear borrowed pants at The Magic Castle, Seinfeld, loving Madmen, the Sopranos, and I, Claudius, stealing Bob Newhart's newspaper, Kenan & Kel and the practical joke circle of life.