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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Nov 20, 2023

October 18-24, 1997

This week Ken welcomes author Mark Guyer.

Mark and Ken discuss living in upstate/Central New York, how New York State isn't New York City, Halloween viewing, Nostalgiamares Series, Phantom Delivery, classic youth horror books, Fear Street, having your own TV, being a tween, not remembering your childhood Halloween costumes, how dressing as Darth Vader can help with bullying, Due South, Burgess Meredith, Nothing Sacred, Hot Priests, Gene Siskel so Horny, what Siskel did to Betsey Palmer, how awful Saturday Night Fever is, Guides to Halloween episodes, Blackula, Gregory Hines Show, The Night Stalker, Nosferatu, ABC Sitcoms, anti-Trick or Treating, how 21st Century Kids don't get to truly enjoy Halloween, how the world is NOT more dangerous for kids now, the purity of Halloween, how working in retail makes you hate Christmas, Team Knightrider, The Real World Boston, The Tonight Show, bringing Kenan and Kel together again, SNICK, failing the All That! challenge, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, why some 80s actors don't work much these days, Deadly Friend, Wes Craven, VHS rentals, when younger people are smarter and more insightful than you, how rare it is to have a young child as a protagonist, Stephen King, how Horror is inherently left wing, hopeful sadness, Hey Arnold!, Cybill, Alex Mac, how Tuesdays were all about Buffy and Angel, living Annie Potts and Tim Curry, Spin City, being replaced by Charlie Sheen, Baywatch, Meego vs. Boy Meets World, the end of TGIF, You Wish, Teen Angel, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Dee Snider, Millennium, dying standing up, Nash Bridges, and a Cheer in a very negative week.