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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 23, 2023

March 24-30, 1979

This week Ken welcomes writer, podcaster, and lover of all things Mego, the man behind Plaid Stallions, Brian Heiler to the show.

Ken and Brian discuss Canada, how long Ken has been following Brian's work, memorizing TV Guide as a kid, being the TV Oracle, late night horror and monster movies, Crestwood books, V, tourist traps, Hollywood Museum, Slim Goodbody, Mr. Rourke as devil or angel, Fantasy Island, toothless Animal House TV rip offs, fountain pens, how small pop culture used to be, being a smoker, Canada vs US buying cigarettes, loving cigarette machines even though you don't smoke, The Frozen Dead, The Last Man on Earth, Dracula '79, Cliff Hangers, Track and Field for women by Colgate, disco, Forever Night, Silk Stalkings, Steve Guttenberg, Merv Griffin, movie parodies, George Kennedy toys, Computer Dating, Rack Toys, Bruce Villanch's song writing career, Herve Valechez, Wendy Schaal, Susan Tyrell, Pyschotronic Films, Charlton Heston, marketing cases, Aydes weight loss product, made for TV Movies, SCTV, how Buddy Cole grew out of Johnny LaRue, Scott Thompson, The King of Kensington, Guy Big, Seeing Things, Canadian sitcoms, Friday the 13th the Series, Percy Rodriguez, The Starlost, Happy Days, Star Wars rip offs, Buck Rogers, Jason of Star Command, The Dark Secrets of Harvest Home, Rene Aborgenious, jiggle TV, Charlie's Angels, Vegas, monkeys on TV, Baby I'm Back, Delta House, Carter Country, pirate satellites, lessons in irony, Barnaby Jones, why Jack Kirby IS the King, 3-D comics, Barney Miller, Brian's cop dad who isn't a cop, Times Square, pen paling with James Gregory, Turnabout, body switching, Hello Larry, being forced to watch Dallas, and Mego.