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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 16, 2023


November 9-15, 1985

This week Ken welcomes comedian, and haver of a new album called "Gettin' By", Liz Barrett to the show.

Liz and Ken discuss the backroom of comedy clubs, CT, the invention of the hamburger, growing up in a Military Family, German Military Bases, having a much  younger sibling, 13 year olds, Lady Di, iconic sweaters, loveless royal marriages, Boy George, Ken's sister (RIP)'s Make a Wish, ferrets, fancy TV Guides, the greatness of Peter Scolari, 1985 SNL, NBC Saturdays, sensitive human portrayals of people with AIDS, Martin Sheen, creepy dolls, We Are the World, North and South, 227, Fred Dryer, noticing the intentional humor in things later in life, Touch of Class, sophistication, full page ads for Soap Operas, Lifetime, Dwarves, Dance of the Dwarves, Diane Cannon in a face based WWII drama Jenny's War, crushing on Hal Holbrook, Defiance with Jan Michael Vincent, vagueness, Kenny Rogers' acting career, when you "need the money", freeloaders in Boston, The Insiders, Hell Town, St. Elsewhere, Diff'rent Strokes, people Ken has had on the show, Astronauts, things that "keep you guessing", Haley's Comet, Donald Sutherland, hating loud noises, action movies, Cheers, Benson, Mr. Belvedere, Misfits of Science, evil Hovercrafts, not believing a dolphin about finding cocaine, USA Network's low budget, the perfection of Golden Girls, how people get their information, and finding out if its cake or not.