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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 9, 2023

December 26, 1992

This week Ken welcomes old friend, now NYC based comedian Greg Johnson.

Ken and Greg discuss 20 years ago, Comedy Doyles, Kenny Z, Ken's first time doing stand up in Massachusetts, Eugene Mirman, Tim McIntire's Thursday Night Fights at The Comedy Studio, growing up in Wellesley, white suburban towns, being a notable alum from your town's High School, Greg's album Greg Johnson 1, how Mass and NY really aren't all that different, listening to episodes from ten years ago, Danny Tamberelli, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, getting to meet your heroes, Cheers, how Ken books guests, TV stars who should have been movie stars, Angela Lansbury, Madonna: Just a Peeler, clean and dirty covers, The Real World, Barney the Dinosaur, 1992, how football is a stupid fun waste of time, how the love of True Crime isn't new, Amy Fischer the Long Island Lolita, Ryder Strong, favorite VJs, the mystery of John Norris, SNICK, Roundhouse, In Living Color, The Simpsons, Sexy Dana Carvey, Chris Rock, live TV fights, insane Oscar moments, streaking, Father Dowling Mysteries, growing up Catholic, The "dead kid" in Three Men and a Baby, the "dead munchin" in The Wizard of Oz, being in the theater for only one day, 1990s re-releases, Can't Hardly Wait, Jerry O'Connell, the reason we have home taping today, when Greg was actually on TV, THIS VERY WEEK as a kid, Phylicia Rashad hosting a Kids Guide to Parenting, the lost show, Nik Carter, WFXN, Rap Around!, Ready to Go, Tom Bergeron, Home Improvement, We the Jury, Ken's love of Massachusetts businesses, Ken and Greg's plans to visit dead malls, The Square One Mall, Waylu's, Ken finding a nearly dead woman at B. Dalton Books in the Meadow Glen Mall, smoking joksters, local weathermen, The Wonder Years, Sully Erna, New Year's Eve, Evening at the Improv, WSKB's big Stooges New Year, Dana Hersey, House of Blues, Chiz Rider, and the major of trumpet based ministries.