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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 17, 2023

This week Ken welcomes author (Wool), showrunner (Silo on Apple Plus) and all around interesting guy Hugh Howey to the show.

Ken and Hugh discuss post apocalyptic fiction, the oldest stories in the world, how America loves and Apocalypses, 70s dystopia, Ken's wish fulfillment theory, society's collapse, the evolution of the stories of the unknown, sailing, human stories, fear of God, authoritarianism, fascism, Russ vs Hobbs, rebirth is painful, Dawn of the Dead, blogs, digital journals, how people are the same, how politics actually isn't as violent as it has been in the past, the theory that sci-fi isn't a pure genre, the Alien movies, character vs plot, the 80s pre-pocalypse, Nuclear War, the Cold War, Lucifer's Hammer, Watchmen, how the HBO series adaptation of Watchmen is a better version of the story than the actual movie, Alan Moore, comic books, outliving your creators, McFarlane's Spider-Man, how Batman is DC's most Marvelish character, Daredevil, not being overpowered, gods, Hawkeye, allowing creators to be in charge, Suicide Squad, James Gunn, telling a complete story, planning the right story and right number of episodes, Chuck, Doctor Who, mourning TV shows, working with a writing partner, brainstorming, fan fiction, self publishing, Amazon, Drops of God, Evil, streaming vs networks, Cartoons and Kung Fu Theater, GI Joe, Adventure Time and how a good story is a good story.