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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 19, 2023

August 9-15, 1980

This week Ken welcomes Australian writer, TV personality, journalist and author John Safran to the show.

Ken and John discuss John Safran vs God, John's range of work, talking listeners out of liking John, documentaries, Gonzo journalism, Always Wear Sunscreen, Not the Sunscreen Song, having a hit single, novelty songs, Raspberry Cordial, High School accomplishments, Music Jamboree, backmaked Ozzy Osbourne, how helpful dressing up is, Yeshiva College, Brooklyn, loving hip hop, Public Enemy, Professor Griff, Judaism, antisemitism, youthful confusion, Vanilla Ice, the pre-internet days, compartmentalization, Steve Vizard, stealing from Letterman, ABC, multi-cultural programming, offensive stuff, Jocko, Eric Bana, VFL/AFL, I'm An Individual, the mystery of the Croc Hunter,  Steve Irwan's relationship with Australia, Round the Twist, Ross Noble, Home and Away,  New South Wales, Queensland, finding pornography in the wild, Number 96, Ken's mysterious age, Prisoner in Cell Block H, The Castle, David vs Goliath stories, Mad Max, stunts, CGI, the Australian 70s remake of The Wizard of Oz simply called Oz, The Blizzard of '78, Looney Toons, loving Warner Bros, Fat Albert, racial identity, very special episodes, perverts, American Culture, hyphenated Americans, missing subtext, the post Civil Rights 1960s progress that dissolved in the 1980s, Reagan, American Identity, Pakistani American heavy metal bands, Mulan, cigarettes, Israel and it's place in American apocalyptical evangelical Christianity, menthol cigarettes, true crime, and the strangeness of prescription drugs in the US.