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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 14, 2023

This week Ken welcomes actor, writer, producer, Battle of the Network Stars Champion, Chicken Mom and all around good human being Heather Thomas to the show.

Ken and Heather discuss social media, the difference in celebrity between now and the 1980s, Mercury in Retrograde, being outraged, fat penguins, always learning, not engaging, not getting purged (go to, voting, growing up in Santa Monica, Gidget, Malibu, getting yelled at by Leonard Nimoy, James Coburn, Ford, shooting in Canada, Three Men and a Baby parties, interviewing celebrities as a teenager on the NBC show Talking with a Giant, censorship, Patty Duke, almost drowning at the beach because your mom is talking to Tab Hunter, Rock Hudson, going to film school, wanting to be a director, acting in commercials to buy film stock, Co-Ed Fever, Francis Ford Copolla, Peckenpah, how strange things happen when you are young and cute, doing your own stunts, Roy Rogers, The Fall Guy, the rough and tumble world of yodeling competitions, going to dinner with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, the poor treatment of women directors, Chicken Tik Tok, inspiration, having more eyes, shared experience, conservative television, pure Fascism, Sesame Street, people being conned, a need for Love Boat, free trips to Japan, Tony Danza, Ford: The Man and the Machine, being goofy, loving action movies, the work that goes into directing action, minor action films, Peeky Blinders, Taika Watiti, What We Do In the Shadows, not revisiting comfort shows, and Green Acres.