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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 18, 2015

June 3-9, 1989

This week ken welcomes former Boston, current LA Comedian Laura Crawford.

Ken and Laura talk about Ken's technology paranoia, Oprah, Richard Bey and the other trashy talk shows, Rickie Lake's Urban fanbase, Living Single, how Ken might have been a young black woman, MTV Dating shows, picking the mom over the daughter, remaking geeks into chic, mean high school nicknames, the "boy with A.I.D.S", Donut burns, lobbying congress for better sexual education, the Robot Revolution, Real Genius, Night of the Creeps on USA's Saturday Nightmares, the Horny Hot Dog the Movie, edited teen movies, Arye Gross is not Ari Meyers, COPS, being falsely accused of being a child prostitute, living Beyond Tomorrow, why It's Gary Shandling's Show is better than Larry Sanders, how great hair is the single deciding factor in how attractive a woman finds a man,being a fashion innovator.Star Search, Whitey Herzog, Ed McMahon filled donut shops, Ken's sweet on booze, insulting drag queens, Night Court, Big Trouble in Little China, Billy Graham's AIDS, Sex in the 90s, ALF, childhood speech impediments, Ken's college thesis film "Alien Love Form", The Frugal Gourmet and his "Troubles", late '86, after school programming, Comedy Central, Laura's unnatural love of the Simpsons, comfort shows, A Current Affair, the sleaze infection, sex, more sex, phone sex, VCR sex, pornography as technical innovator, Ken's Phil Donohue impression, TV's love of Frats, MacGuyver is not Matlock, the lovable drunk Arthur, involuntary singing, Russian signs of the world going to hell, people never guessing Ken's age right, Mind Control, Laura's belief in psychic phenomenon, James Randi's professional debunker status, jerking off dudes for money, Head of the Class goes to Russia, Degrassi Jr. High, wild Wallabies in the woods of New England, why animals won't eat tattoos, Cheers and Ken's two universal rules, sibling TV fights, The Real World, why Dad's love Fox Sunday night programming, Ken's Real World reasoning for moving to London, NBA and love of sports culture, Teen Pregnancy, Perfect Strangers, The Quaid Bros vs. the Howard Bros, Highway to Heaven's Watergate, Dack Rambo: Horny School Bus Driver, Just the Ten of Us, Dean Cain's TV racism, Laura's hatred of Wiseguys, Patty Duke's head double, and nailing CBS. Sex.