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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 11, 2015

This week Ken travels to Los Angeles and welcomes writer/actress Christine Elise(Child's Play2, Beverly Hills 90210) to the show. 

 Note: Christine's website is

Ken and Christine discuss their mutual Boston punk rock pasts, Roslindale, the disappointment of Boston University's rules, The Ball Busting nature of Boston, never wanting to live in Boston again, finding your business, the mechanics of film, Pulp fiction, Film Noir, being robbed of computer programming, being burnt out on punk rock, turning 50, working for a living, the value of a job well done, looking younger than your age, Head of the Class, Lea Remini, China Beach, ER, natural seduction instincts, TV Movies, almost giving up, Brad Pitt, Facts of Life, Bad Comedy, Child's Play 2, being snubbed for premiers, Christine's novel, The Cramps, writing Beverly Hills 90210, Jason Priestly's business acumen, using the access you have, Gilligan's Island, the ease of guest writing an established show, how Hip Hop makes you dumb, the fluid familial relations of television, Matlock, not meeting your heroes, being an asshole, Black Mirror, working with Carol O'Connor, swear words, the depowering of the old Networks, The Young Ones, instant cultural saturation, the individual soul of a performer, Elvis, Summer Seasons, Aaron Spelling's genius, In and Out Burger's awful fries, The revival of Fantasy Island,  wanting to be Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Roxette, self-hate, being mobbed by 90210 fans, Baywatch, signing conventions, Billy Wirth's skill with the pugil stick, and the disappointment of American Horror Story.