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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 18, 2015

April 4-10, 1992

This week Ken welcomes stand up comedian and mastermind behind the Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction empire Bryan Cook.

Ken and Bryan discuss bi-coastal hoarding, the standard cleaning fee for removing TV Guides from a rental car, those sexy soaps, growing up in Maine cable-free, Satellite Dish culture, old people scent, Brian Dennehy's gift, Willfred Brimley's laundry, Gulf War trading cards, Cocaine busts in Boston, the birth of reality television, Billy's Head of the Class spin off, travel shows, UK Stand Up Comedy, TV kids having fast aging disease, Alyssa Milano leading to 4th grade troubles, bottle episode love, moving to LA for a writing job, the fashion police, Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction, Roc, Mann and Machine, favorite Pun TV Show titles, In Living Color, the lonesome death of James Carey, Anton's pickle jar, the first time seeing a black person, Teacher bangin', Dollar Store TV, physical altercations over Star Trek, cold calling girls you like, future cops, Herman's Head, Tea Leoni, Basic Instinct loving Dads, hitchhiking, Get Smart, Grittas, way up in Maine, working at Electrical Supply Companies, renting mannequin parts, flea markets in New England, Rescue 911, disproving Home Improvement, Billy Crystal on Lifetime, bring comedy to the U.S.S.R., Wonder Years, the 60s portrayal of family life, being blamed for other kid's smoking habits, Davis Rules, Bonnie Hunt, Nell Carter is not the Fat Man, Duff, The Three Faces of Mike McDonald, Hocus Pocus vs. The Witches, The Simpsons vs. Cosby, Futurama, Mr. Rhodes, the toaster oven/TV Week parallel, the ladies of Cheers, Beyond 2000, Roy from Wings: Super Sleaze, Tim Daly: World's Best Superman, banned shows from CEFF, Charles Rocket, Dinosaurs, Uncle Buck TV vs. Movie, AMC's long strange journey, disdain of Tequila and Bonetti, Scorch, Nightmare Cafe, Fish Police, America's Serious Home Videos and country's own C+C Music Factory.